With the release of Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets were left with two unproven options at QB: Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg.

Apparently having little faith in either of those (at least for the 2017 season), the Jets have turned to former Cardinal/Lion/Raider/Panther/Bear/Buccaneer/Brown (add the Dolphin and 49er to that list if you want to include teams he signed with but never played for), Josh McCown.



If you're a fan of the Jets, this is pretty much a sign of surrender for 2017, right? If the team genuinely wants to go into this season with a quarterback trio of McCown/Petty/Hackenberg, they know they're not going to be competitive. There is still a chance that the Jets take a QB in the draft, and end up releasing one of the McPetHack boys, maybe keeping the veteran McCown on as the main backup. The Jets have the 6th pick in this year's draft, so there should be a solid option available.

Jets fans, what do you think? Pumped for the future, or resigned to another year of miserable Sundays?

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