put together a list of "The 36 Absolute Best Things In The World" on their website. It's a great list! I think they got it right for the most part.

It just shows that it's the simple things in life that cause the most happiness.

Some of the things they included was:

1. Peeling the plastic off of something you just bought

6. Having a full tank of gas.

10. Winning on eBay.

19. Free samples.

24. When the lights go down right before the start of a concert.

To see the complete list click here.

Some of the things that I would include on this list is:

Smell of fresh cooked bacon

Your favorite sports team winning a championship

Fingernails on your arm.


Cannonball/jumping into a pool

Toes in the sand (see featured image)

What do you think are some of the best things in the world that didn't make the list? Leave your comments below