Well, this is just unfortunate, especially for men who enjoy swimming.

This fish, called the Pacu, is native to the Amazon, but it's getting around lately, showing up in Denmark, France, Illinois, and now North Jersey.

In fact, this toothy little devil was just discovered in Passaic, New Jersey.

Retired bus driver Tom Boylan hooked a 10-inch-long Pacu on Saturday at Third Ward Veteran's Memorial Park in Passaic, N.J., according to The Bergen Record, which posted a photo of the fish.

And, yes, it has been reported to take a bite out of men's testicles.

Two men in New Guinea reportedly died from blood loss after a Pacu chomped on theirs.

Apparently it usually eats fallen tree nuts, and, well, in a case of mistaken identity....

But in case this guy changes his mind and switches teams, I'm staying out of the water. :-D