We have watched in recent years many acts of violence, including those that were terrorism and breathed a somewhat sigh of relief that nothing like that happens around here.

Yes many of us were impacted by what took place on 9/11 but that was still not the same as having something occur right in your own neighborhood.  We have watched in horror at what took place that day in New York City as well as incidents in Oklahoma City, Orlando, San Bernardino and many others and wondered what it would be like if that happened somewhere in Ocean County.  That day almost came on Saturday.

Thousands of people came to Seaside Park that morning to participate in the Semper Five Marine Corps Charity 5K run/walk along with a 1 mile fun run.  The fundraiser was to benefit active duty and medically retired Marines and Sailors along with families who have lost loved ones in service to our nation.  It was a glorious post-Labor Day morning and nobody could have imagined it would be interrupted by an attempt to kill and injure participants.

You know the story by now of the explosive device placed in a garbage can near the boardwalk which fortunately did not do what it was intended to.  Because of what some would call “divine intervention” the race was delayed which meant nobody was in the immediate area when the explosive went off, plus only part of it detonated.  Bottom line was nobody was hurt but thousands were shaken when they heard the news of what went down.

There will be much more to come out in days and weeks ahead as to whether this was an act of terrorism and might even be connected to what took place later that night in New York City.  But make no mistake we now realize more than ever there is no escaping the sickness that has plagued our society. It’s everywhere.