Sir Paul McCartney really has a hold on Phil Blanchard, specifically, on his shoulder.

And you can see it for yourself in a tattoo the diehard fan had made of  Paul's signature from a recent meeting.

Paul called him up on stage at a show last week and signed his autograph, and it was a dream come true for the fan.

But this is hardly Phil's first.  He's got tattoos of all four Beatles all over his body.  A devoted fan for sure.

Do you have tattoos of your favorite idols?  Do you think fans can really go too far with harmless tattoos or do you think, as Phil says, it's "an obsession but...a healthy obsession"?  Tell us what you think below.

I see one little problem.  How do you put up the autograph for auction one day?  Phil's family might want to look into that.