Heavy Metal Twerking!! [VIDEO] [NSFW]
Friday!!!!! Ah yes...The weekend is here!!!
Keeping with tradition, The Lovely Christina has provided us the perfect "Friday" video, and once again she doesn't disappoint!!
We all see the videos of women twerking to Hip-Hop music......Well not any more!!!
It’s Friday!!! Let’s Twerk! [VIDEO] [NSFW]
You can thank the Lovely Christina for this video....This is her present to YOU today.
The first words out of her mouth today before we went on the air was, "It's Friday.....We gotta find a twerk video"
Who am I to object!!! She picked this video just for YOU, so Thank you Lovel…
Andy Chase Twerking High Atop the Billboard [VIDEO]
One of the Ocean of Love Board members donated $1000.00 for me to do something a little "crazy". (Like what I'm doing already isn't "crazy")
Producer Steve from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show came up with the "Twerking" idea...Thank yo…