Shore Superintendents weigh in on ‘School Funding Formula’
Governor Chris Christie's plan to provide the same amount of aid per student is drawing opinion from both sides of the proverbial coin from various superintendents in New Jersey. Here at the shore growing voices are weighing in on whether they feel this proposed funding formula is fair or not f…
ACK!! Tax Day! What Kind Of Taxpayer Are You? [POLL]
A lot of good a couple of days extra this year did for the tax filing procrastinators...especially with this beautiful Jersey Shore summer-like weather!!
Do you get your taxes done as soon as you can or are you like me and wait until the last minute because you just hate doing them?
Tax Day Freebies!
The ever-thoughtful IRS gave everyone a two-day break this year, making taxes due April 17th.  If you haven't gotten everything done yet and are stressing out, here are some businesses that are giving you something free to help you relax.