Sharknado 3 Premieres Tonight!! [VIDEO]
That's right....There is a 3rd!!!!
"Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No" is on the Syfy Channel tonight at 9p, and Washington D.C and the ENTIRE East coast isn't safe.
Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are back along with David Hasselhoff, Bo Derek, Jerry Springer, Marc Cuban, and plenty of other celebrity came…
Sharknado 3 is Coming!!! [VIDEO]
It looks like it takes place this time in Washington D.C, and the 20 second trailer looks awesome!! Ian Ziering is back. Tara Reid is back, and the President of the United States is played by Mark Cuban....Yup Billionaire Mark Cuban!!!!

Sharknado 3 premiers on July 22nd on the Syfy channel at 9p
Sharknado is Back!!! Sharknado 2 Trailer [VIDEO]
The epic film masterpiece "Sharknado" has a sequel. It's called Sharknado 2: The Second One.
It premiered on the SYFY Network last night.  The movie takes place this time in New York City, and a freak weather system spawns a sharknado!! (ya never know)
Sharknado Coming To The Big Screen This Friday
That's right......You read it correct.

The SYFY made for TV movie Sharknado will be shown in 200 select Regal, Edwards, and UA Cinemas, Friday night Aug 2nd at Midnight.

Sharknado can be seen locally at:

Regal Burlington Stadium 20 in Burlington, NJ
Regal Commerce Center Stadium 18 i…
Sharknado 2 On The Way!
It's coming back!!
The hugely popular made for TV movie Sharknado on the SYFY Channel was so popular, that a sequel is in development according to USA Today in 2014 where the action takes place this time in New York City. Read the article here...