We Turn the Clocks Forward This Weekend!
I bet you didn't even realize that it is time to do that already!
Yup...It is!! And that's why we are here....To help you with the little things, so you can go on with your life as stress-free as possible. We got your back!
Polar Vortex Coming To NJ To Kick Off April!!
That's right,  you read that correctly. Cold air will be pushing down from Canada. HOWEVER.... It won't put us in a deep freeze. We will definitely feel the effects with below normal temps this time of year as a Polar Vortex pays us a visit this weekend. We're going to have to de…
Andy Chase- Fluffy Bunny Peeps Challenge [VIDEO]
What do you mean you never heard of the Fluffy Bunny Peeps Challenge???
That's OK, because there is no such thing.
Our behind the scenes digital/camera guy (we need a name for him) unexpectedly came into the studio with a box of peeps and a camera and asked me if I would like to stuff a bunch of …
Daylight Savings Time Begins This Weekend!
This weekend we are excited over the fact that we will be observing Daylight Saving Time.
This means that the days will stay lighter longer!!! When you go to bed Saturday night, make sure you turn the clocks ahead 1 hour.
You will be quite "thrown-off" when you wake up on Sunday if y…
While the Boss is Away, Andy Chase Will Play [VIDEO]
It wasn't just my boss who was off today, all of my co-workers from the other radio stations who also work on the 4th floor took the day off too. The hallways were empty.
Now...it's pretty well known that when I'm left to my own devices,  things happen! Plus add the fact that it&a…

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