10-Year Old Girl Rocks to Slayer’s War Ensemble
This 10-year old girl will blow your mind with how she rocks out to Slayer's hit song 'War Ensemble.' The background vocals from the little girl to her left aren't too shabby either!
Check out the amazing guitar performance below!
Slayer Played On The Ukelele [VIDEO]
Check out this guy shredding the Ukelele to Slayer's "War Ensemble"
Don't forget to listen to Double-Down rocking the "Saturday Night Slaughterhouse" this and EVERY Saturday Night from 7p-midnight
Poland Circle Renamed ‘Jeff Hanneman’s Circle Pit’
Just because the Grammy Awards forgot him, doesn't mean the rest of the world did. Jeff Hanneman, the late Slayer guitarist, was honored earlier this week by a city in Poland through a charity auction. Jaworzno Poland held a fundraiser with the winner given the opportunity to rename the circle …

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