Seaside Park

Help Bring Ice Cream Trucks Back to Seaside Park
Did you know that ice cream trucks/mobile vendors are NOT permitted in Seaside Park?
I actually had no idea, and I don't know why this is a thing, but back in 2010, an ordinance was passed that blocks mobile vendors from going to Seaside Park and accessing the beach
America on Tap – Seaside Park
It's been awhile since we have had a beer festival, and we're long overdue. So..... since I love beer, and you love beer, it seems we all love beer.

Join us for "America on Tap- Seaside Park". It's coming to the Jersey Shore on Thursday, August 6th in Seaside Park from 7 p…
America On Tap – Seaside Park
America On Tap is the foremost producer of premium craft beer festivals in the country and it’s headed to Seaside Park on Thursday, August 6th. America On Tap delivers beer sampling in a robust atmosphere filled with live music, great vendors and delicious food. Come on out and …
Andy Chase is Excited [VIDEO]
For months now I have been saying that I wish it was summertime. That I wish we were hanging on the boardwalk, at the beach etc!!!
Well it's not quite summer yet, BUT it is Memorial Day Weekend in just a few days.
There is a lot going on at the Hawk this weekend, and I am here to tell you all about it

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