Christmas in July is Coming to Point Pleasant Beach
The "Christmas in July" celebration is happening on the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant, New Jersey on Wednesday, July 26th, and Thursday, July 27th
There will be Christmas Carolers, Holiday Shows, face painting, and a visit from Santa Claus each day from 1:30p-5:30p
Inappropriate Pics of Elf on a Shelf [LINK]
One of the newer Christmas traditions is the "Elf on a Shelf" doll. In case you don't know, the premise is simple. The Elf on a Shelf "arrives" right after Thanksgiving, and stays around until Christmas reporting the children's behavior back to Santa every night.
Each night when t…
The Santa Problem

I believed in Santa Claus for a very long time. Not "18 years old, probablevirgin" long, but I was around 11 years old when I finally accepted the harsh reality. Admittedly, my belief was rekindled at around age 23, when I started realizing the dichotomy between how much parents made and h…