Sandy Dollars Up for Grabs [AUDIO]
Gov. Chris Christie announced Wednesday that funding has exceeded $11 million within a voucher program that targets Superstorm Sandy victims dealing with home repairs or temporary housing.
Sandy Victims Have Long Wait for Aid
As a second New Year since Superstorm Sandy approaches, many coastal residents are still waiting for New York, New Jersey and New York City to distribute billions of federal dollars that were intended to go directly to people struggling to rebuild their homes.
Helping NJ Kids Recover from Sandy
The Christie Administration has announced the state will use almost $5.5 million in federal funds for school and community-based psychosocial intervention programs to help kids cope with social, psychological and family stress caused by Superstorm Sandy.
Check Out This Cool New Feature on Facebook
There's a new feature on Facebook that let's you look at your news feed from one year ago.
If you look at the left side of your Facebook Page, you will see a tab under the "Apps" heading. It's called "On this Day". If you don't see it, click &am…
The Mental Impact From The Superstorm
Although the massive amounts of debris from Superstorm Sandy have been hauled away, the emotional scars remain almost a year later.  For many of us, they will never leave.  But there is help out there.

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