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Ray Manzarek: Light My Candles
Ray Manzarek, legendary co-founder of The Doors, and keyboardist, songwriter, filmmaker, producer and writer, turns 73 this weekend.
Ray was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 12, 1939 and was raised on the Southside of the city.
Vince Neil Turns 51 [VIDEO]
DUI-Junkie and Anger-Management-Challenged Vince Neil turns 51 today, born in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1961.
Vince is best known as Motley Crue's singer, but he's also done solo work, of course. He released his 3rd solo album, "Tattoos & Tequila" in 201…
Axl Rose Turns The Big 5-0 (On Time)! [VIDEO]
It might be the first time he's actually been on time to anything, but birthdays are like that.  They force us to show up, even if it is kicking and screaming.
And since Axl himself  says, "When they talk about Axl Rose being a screaming two-year-old, they're right&q…
Happy Birthday To Heartbreaker Mike [VIDEO]
Mike Campbell celebrates his 62nd birthday today, born on February 1, 1950 in Jacksonville, Florida.
Best known as the guitarist for Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, he's also a songwriter and record producer and plays in his other band, The Dirty Knobs.
Phil Collins: Another Year In Paradise
Here's hoping the celebrated musician is enjoying his recent retirement at his home in Switzerland.  More on that in a minute.
First, belated birthday wishes to Phil, who turned 61 on Monday.  He was born in London on January 30, 1951.  Singer-songwriter, drummer, pianist, producer and actor, he'll o…
Guitar Guru EVH Celebrates Another Year Of Mastery [VIDEO]
Eddie Van Halen turns 57 today, born January 26, 1955 in The Netherlands, but raised in Pasadena, California.
To say he's a guitar virtuoso is, of course, to repeat what all of us already know.  So, if you'll indulge me for a minute, let me share with you my personal description of his…
Happy Birthday, Robin! [VIDEO]
Robin Zander turns 59 today, born on January 23, 1953 in Beloit, Wisconsin.
The lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Cheap Trick has influenced a host of rock vocalists, including Joe Elliott, Axl Rose and Scott Weiland.
There's something else he and his band might well influence for the good.
Steve Perry Fans: Don’t Stop Believing [VIDEO]
Fans have longed to hear Steve's voice again, since no new music has been issued from Perry since 1998, and there is actually hope that it will (eventually) happen.  Back to that in a second.
First, happy early birthday wishes to Steve, who's set to celebrate his 63rd birthday on Sunda…

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