Epic Toilet Paper Prank on Howie Mandel [VIDEO]
OMG! While Howie Mandel was out of town, his son with the help of Roman Atwood set up a crazy prank to toilet paper his father's mansion.
4,000 toilet paper rolls were used!!!!!
When Howie Mandel arrived home later on, he was not happy with what he saw...
Awesome “Carrie” Coffee Shop Prank [VIDEO]
Just in time for Halloween,there is a modern day version of the movie "Carrie" in theaters on October 18th.
The video was the creation of Thinkmodo, the New York-based viral video marketing company in advance of the upcoming "Carrie" movie...
Epic Beer Prank [VIDEO]
This could be one of the greatest pranks EVER!! Watch what happens when kegs of beer are hooked up to every faucet in this guys house.
Thanks to Justin Louis from our sister station 92.7 WOBM-FM for finding this awesome video

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