Tonight’s Powerball- Lump Sum or Annuity?
Big thanks to Justin Louis from our sister station 92.7 WOBM for finding this chart on what would happen if you won tonight's $1.5 BILLION dollar jackpot and chose the annuity that pays you over 30 years.
Win the Powerball….Buy the Playboy Mansion!!
That's right!! The Playboy mansion is for sale, but there is ONE catch......
Hefner gets to stay!!!
One of the strings attached is that the new buyer of the house is required to give Hugh Hefner a lifetime estate, and he can stay there til he dies!
Andy Chase and “Hollywood” Talk Powerball [VIDEO]
The Powerball jackpot tonight is $500 million dollars!!
So to make sure she still got her camera time, "Hollywood" Phyllis came into the studio to talk about the 6th largest lottery in U.S history.
The odds of winning? One in 292.2 million...
Powerball Jackpot Hit in South Carolina
Lottery machines across New Jersey cranked out thousands of tickets for Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot with an annuity value of $400 million, but no jackpot-winning tickets were sold in the Garden State.

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