Win the Powerball….Buy the Playboy Mansion!!
That's right!! The Playboy mansion is for sale, but there is ONE catch......
Hefner gets to stay!!!
One of the strings attached is that the new buyer of the house is required to give Hugh Hefner a lifetime estate, and he can stay there til he dies!
Guys Suing Playboy for What?
Playboy parties have not at all lost the luster that the magazine has. With internet and video all over the place it is hard to sell today's consumer on buying a magazine with still pictures. That does not apply to the parties as Playboy still provides premium quality ladies for those who can g…
Lindsay Lohan to do Playboy. . . Now
In a case of too little too late, Lindsay Lohan has agreed to pose nude for Playboy.  The reason its too late is not because Lohan is too old, she is only 25, its because of the mileage. Not long ago she was everyone's favorite ginger.