Toms River Memorial Day Parade is This Monday
Rain or shine...It's the 83rd annual Memorial Day Parade through the streets of Toms River.
The parade will kick off from the Office Lounge Parking lot and then will head south on Main Street and then turn east on Washington Street. There will also be ceremonies honoring military members at Toms…
Donate Your Old Cell Phone To Help Our Troops
If you have an old cell phone lying around your house or under a pile of crap in a junk drawer, you can donate it to the Ocean County Library  to take part of a program called Cell Phones For Soldiers to help our military servicemen and women purchase calling cards so they can stay in touch wit…
Military & Their Families- Free Access to NJ Beaches
We all know how much we hate to have to pay to get on OUR beaches, but now at least our amazing military veterans will not have to pay anymore.
And it is well deserved!!!A bill that was passed last year, was officially signed by Governor Christie this past Monday, permits military personnel, veterans…
Hot Girls From The CHIVE Thanking Our Troops [PHOTOS] [NSFW]
If you have never heard of, it's about time you did!!

It might be one of the greatest websites/apps on the planet! In a nutshell, regular girls take sexy pictures of themselves and upload them to theCHIVE website, and then we get to see them....YUP! IT'S THAT SIMPLE

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