Jail a Thon

Download and Print the Ocean of Love Radiothon Flyer!
The Ocean of Love Billboard Radiothon is less than 10 days away. The Radiothon kicks off Monday Oct 17th at 5p at the Target/Lowes Shopping Center on Hooper Ave in Toms River, and once again I will be living on a Billboard as we raise money for Ocean of Love...
Andy Chase’s Day in “Jail” [VIDEO]
Today was the Ocean of Love "Jail-A-Thon" at the Ocean County Mall, and I had to do some "hard time" this afternoon.
I got locked up, and my bail was set at $500 to get released. To make it a little bit tougher, I had to get the money by 3p...
Andy Chase is Getting Locked Up!!
And I need your help to help bail me out!! It's happening this Friday 4/29 at the Ocean County Mall starting at 12:30. (The dolphin is not coming..She has been cleared of all charges)
I have agreed to get "locked up" to raise money for "Ocean of Love".