Where To Get Gas During Hurricane Joaquin
We all remember the long lines at gas stations after Hurricane Sandy. One of the big problems was that many gas stations had pumps that ran on electricity.
The state gave millions of dollars in grants to gas stations across New Jersey to install generators, check out this map to see where the generat…
Trip to Mantoloking NJ [PHOTOS]
Today we got a chance to go on a tour of the devastated barrier island of Mantoloking, NJ.
A group of various media boarded a bus escorted by Brick Chief of police Nells Burquist, Brick Mayor Steve Acropolis, and Colonel Brian Griefer from the National Guard...
My Visit To The Hurricane Shelter Today
I made a trip to Toms River High School East today to drop off some items. I also wanted to talk to the people in charge to see how they are doing and to ask about the specific things that they are in need of.
I have to tell you first of all how moved I was by the outpouring of generosity that Ocean …
All Paws on Deck Today!!
That is Sydney!
With Hurricane wreaking havoc on the Jersey Shore and pretty much the entire east coast the Bob Levy Broadcast Center that houses 105.7 The Hawk, 94.3 The Point, and WOBM AM and FM has turned into a shelter of our own. We're all squatting today!!