Hurricane Sandy

New Aid For Sandy-Impacted Homeowners in NJ [AUDIO]
In an effort to encourage Sandy-impacted homeowners to resettle in their primary residences and help them with reconstruction, rehabilitation, elevation and mitigation, the state Department of Community Affairs has launched the reNew Jersey Stronger housing assistance initiative which will provide $…
Section Of The Seaside Boardwalk Reopens This Weekend!
The first pylon for the new boardwalk in Seaside Heights was driven into the sand back in January, and starting this weekend, people will once again will be able to walk on the new boardwalk from Webster Ave south to Seaside Park.

Temporary railings will be installed but there still won't be b…
Some Personal Thoughts Of Hurricane Sandy Six Months Later
It's hard to believe that today is the six month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. An event that has changed the Jersey Shore forever.
So many thoughts go through my head about how things are today six months later. I feel a sense of hope and excitement, but I also have a strong sense of anxiety a…

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