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St. Patrick’s Day Heavy Metal Playlist
St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday where even if you aren't Irish, you can be for the day. You can enjoy the corned beef and cabbage, drink and be merry with the best of them. This is no exception for the hard rocking headbangers.
10 Songs That Will Rock Your Christmas
Tired of listening to the old boring Yuletide favorites on your iPod? Can't take another minute of listening to the 'Dominick the Donkey' or even worse, 'The Christmas Shoes'? Well then get ready to ho-ho-headbang your way into Christmas this year with 10 of the coolest rocking tunes this side of th…
Headbanging Bear Rocks Out on Air Guitar [VIDEO]
Apparently you don't always need music to soothe the savage beast. Sometimes even the animal kingdom just wants to rock out! Here is a great video of a bear who looks like he was made to play air guitar with the best of them.
The Top 20 Headbanging Tunes for The Daytona 500 [PLAYLIST]
The Daytona 500, the crown jewel of NASCAR's races, is this weekend. There may be no better genre of music to go along with the adrenaline rush of NASCAR then hard rock and heavy metal. To get yourself prepped for the big race, you need the proper soundtrack, right? So
10 Live Black Sabbath Performances [VIDEOS, LIST]
One of the Godfathers of heavy metal, guitarist Tony Iommi is celebrating his 64th birthday this weekend. Tony is one of the all-time greatest musicians and a pioneer of a whole genre of music. To honor him, we've put together ten performances of classic Black Sabbath songs both with Ozzy and t…