Gov. Chris Christie

Shore Superintendents weigh in on ‘School Funding Formula’
Governor Chris Christie's plan to provide the same amount of aid per student is drawing opinion from both sides of the proverbial coin from various superintendents in New Jersey. Here at the shore growing voices are weighing in on whether they feel this proposed funding formula is fair or not f…
What went wrong for Chris Christie in Iowa?
Just 1 percent of likely Iowa GOP primary voters who participated in a July 20 Monmouth University poll said Gov. Chris Christie was their first choice for president. Only 2 percent named him as their second choice. The poll's director said it seemed as though Christie has given up on Iowa.
If he runs, Christie is ‘in it to win it’
Whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decides to run for president or not, the field of GOP candidates is already huge -- there will be at least 10 Republicans participating in the first debate scheduled for later this summer -- but Christie doesn't have a problem with it, in fact he says it&a…