Sting & Peter Gabriel-Summer Tour 2016!!!
Wow!!!! Who knew that this could possible happen again?!?!  (They toured briefly together in the 80's) This is fantastic, and it's happening this summer!!
They are calling it the "The Rock Paper Scissors" tour and it will feature Sting, and Gabriel performing sep…
The Internet is STILL Amazing! [VIDEO]
I remember as a teenager BEFORE my house had cable, watching a Genesis concert on PBS. Back in the day, that was one of the few places that would sometimes actually show concerts. I popped my VHS tape into my (top-loading) VCR and recorded the concert...
Genesis Co-founder Tony Banks Turns 62 Today [VIDEO]
Tony was born on March 27, 1950, in East Hoathly, England.
He's most well-known as a founding member and keyboardist for Genesis, but he's also one of the main composers of the band and, besides Mike Rutherford, is the only other member to be with Genesis for its entire history.
You might not think …

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