It’s Friday!!! Yee-Haw!!!! [VIDEO]
The Lovely Christina found this one, and has come through once again with a great "Friday" video.
The girl in this video is a champ when it come to riding the mechanical bull...Very talented!!!!
Heavy Metal Twerking!! [VIDEO] [NSFW]
Friday!!!!! Ah yes...The weekend is here!!!
Keeping with tradition, The Lovely Christina has provided us the perfect "Friday" video, and once again she doesn't disappoint!!
We all see the videos of women twerking to Hip-Hop music......Well not any more!!!
It’s Friday! Do The Happy Dance
It's Friday!! Those 2 words sound fantastic. I love the fact that it's Friday. I also love the TV show "Family Guy". I also am a big fan of "Peanuts" Comics. (I like a lot of things today)
So what happens when you put all three together?