U.S Women’s World Cup Soccer Tournament Begins Tonight.
The U.S ladies soccer team begins play tonight in Canada as they face #10 ranked Australia for their quest for the 2015 FIFA World Cup. The game can be seen at 7:30 on Fox Sports 1

Friday 6/12, vs. #5 Sweden at 8pm.on FOX.
Tuesday, 6/16, vs. #33 Nigeria at 8p on FOX.

The last time the Unit…
Awful Soccer Flops and Fake Injuries [VIDEO]
Lovely Christina and I were talking today about how ridiculous some of the soccer players are that pretend to be hurt during the game. They roll all over the ground clinching their (add appendage here) and acting like (add appendage here) was put through a meat grinder.
Just stop it! Enough already!!…