Insane Chinese Warehouse Explosion [VIDEO]
Watch all the way through..There are three separate explosions. This happened yesterday in a chemical warehouse in the town of Tianjin, China
Among the 50 confirmed dead are 12 firefighters, officials said Thursday. More than 500 people are hospitalized, 71 in critical condition, the state-run Xinhua…
Exploding Microwave Creates a Close Call
When I was younger (and dumber), my friends and I took an old microwave into my backyard to replicate some experiments we had seen online.  Thankfully we didn't have the results these guys did...
BREAKING NEWS: Yacht Explodes Off Jersey Shore Coast
The Coast Guard is responding to a report of a yacht explosion in the Atlantic Ocean about 17.5 miles east of Sandy Hook, NJ
Authorities say 21 people were on board at the time and 9 were injured with serious burns.
All on board  are now in life rafts...

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