Daylight Savings Time

We Turn the Clocks Forward This Weekend!
I bet you didn't even realize that it is time to do that already!
Yup...It is!! And that's why we are here....To help you with the little things, so you can go on with your life as stress-free as possible. We got your back!
Happy National Napping Day New Jersey!
So besides it being "Pi Day', it's also "National Napping Day"
Why is today National Napping Day??? I really don't know. I think it has something to do with losing an hour of sleep Sunday morning because of Daylight Savings Time, but in any event, but I had t…
Daylight Savings Time Begins This Weekend!
This weekend we are excited over the fact that we will be observing Daylight Saving Time.
This means that the days will stay lighter longer!!! When you go to bed Saturday night, make sure you turn the clocks ahead 1 hour.
You will be quite "thrown-off" when you wake up on Sunday if y…