45 Years Ago: Cream Perform ‘Farewell Concert’
After just over two years as a band, Cream gave their final performance on Nov. 26, 1968. The concert was held at the Royal Albert Hall In England. Cream's decision to disband took fans by surprise, though simmering tensions within the band, primarily between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, came to a h…
[Top 5 Tuesday] Top 5 Classic Rock Trios
Three is the magic number, and some bands only need that trinity of guitar/drums/bass to make a perfect sound. No rhythm guitars, no horn sections, no keyboard players, just the perfect power trio. Here are my Top 5, who are yours?
Happy Birthday, Slowhand [AUDIO]
Eric Clapton celebrates his 67th birthday today, born in Surrey, England on March 30, 1945, with guitar in hand.
And I, along with the other millions who love his music, am grateful.