Both Seaside Heights Bridges Now Open!!
Last week, I posted a blog saying that the Eastbound bridge (draw-bridge) to Seaside Heights would be open soon for the Summer of 2016 after the Winter-long construction that has been going on to replace the bridge deck.
Well good news...
Good News For Rt. 35 Drivers This Summer
According to the D.O.T, All Route 35 travel lanes in Ocean County will be open this summer.

We all know too well that Rt 35 in Seaside Park has been an absolute disaster, as well as the stretch of Rt 35 from Ortley Beach to Bayhead .
Route 35 Construction Will NOT be Completed For This Weekend
I was driving south on Rt. 35 last night from Point Pleasant to Toms River.
As I got to the part of Rt. 35 in Brick where the road travels on the Bay side, I noticed that only ONE lane was open.
I started thinking that this weekend is going to be a disaster for people traveling on Rt...
105.7 The Hawk Moving To A New “NEST” [CON’T]
So we mentioned a few weeks back that the Hawk is moving to a brand new "nest" in Toms River. Demolition has been started in our production studios. (Click here to see those pictures)
Now we have been told to take things off the wall. Box up the cd's, because demolition is star…
105.7 The Hawk Moving To A New “NEST”
105.7 The Hawk
105.7 The Hawk and a few other of the Townsquare Radio Network stations (94.3 the point, WOBM AM & FM) will be moving into a brand new state of the art facility in downtown Toms River by the end of the summer.
Today, demolition starts in the ORIGINAL Hawk studio (see featured pi…