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Decapitated Snake Bites IT’S OWN Body [VIDEO]
Here's the video that Andy Chase and the Lovely Christina were talking about on air today.

A guy comes across a Copperhead snake, and decapitates it in in fear of his son or dog getting bit.

Watch how even after the the snake has been decapitated it still bites it's own body.

Nature is …
They’re Baaaaaack! The Cicadas Return
They appear every 17 years and last for a month or so. This summer they make their return. The Lovely Christina will be thrilled to see this video. For real excitement, fast forward to :38

Why do they come you might be asking yourself? In a nutshell....It's a "sex and death" party. T…
Is the Lovely Christina a “Benny” This Summer? [POLL]
The Lovely Christina and I were talking on the radio today about what  traffic is going to be like on the Garden State Parkway this summer with all the construction going on.
We shuddered at what it's going to be like on a Sunday evening with all the "Bennies" heading home…
An Easy Way to Save Money for the New Year
I'm sure you're like millions of people who are always thinking that you have to start saving more money. Believe me, I'm included in that!

Maybe it's your New Years Resolution.

Click "Read More" and check out the 52 week "Money Saving Challenge". It actuall…
Need a Date? Get a Dog!
According to the Pet App Klooff, the type of dog that you have might help you add that special human to your life (sorry doggies).
They recently surveyed 1,000 single animal lovers and found the commonly-known characteristics of many dog breeds can reflect positively — or negatively — on…
Best Jersey Shore Summer Bars
"The Lovely" Christina is newly single (Go crazy guys...Go crazy) and she plans to take full advantage of it all summer long on the Jersey Shore.
This past Monday she hung out during the day in the sun at the Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant. She had a blast, and she's now a big fan …
Thoughts From A Cranky DJ! [Con’t]
I should be in a great mood today. The Rangers won last night. The Mets won. I've got the beautiful Christina on the radio with me today.  Oh no...She's cranky too. Things should be good right? Guess not!

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