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Sexy Women Wearing ONLY Body Paint [NSFW]
It's amazing what you come across when you are just surfing around the web with no real direction.
I've never heard of the website, but I'm glad I do now.
I love women wearing body paint! I LOVE the internet!!!
Click here to see more sexy body paint pics
Keith Richards on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]
Keith Richards was on the Tonight Show the other night promoting a children's book that he has written called "Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar,"
Here's a few clips if you missed it
Richards talks to Jimmy about writing his first song:
Richards talks about being punc…
New U2 Single- What Do You Think? [AUDIO]
U2 surprised everyone yesterday by releasing their new album "Songs of Innocence" to the world for FREE on iTunes!! The entire album is available to download for free at iTunes
They made the surprise announcement in conjunction with the unveiling of Apple's new iPhone 6.
Jersey Shore Oktoberfest = BEER!!
Saturday October 18th is going to be a great day of BEER, food, music, and BEER!!
It's going to take place at Robert J. Miller Air Park in Berkeley Township, and it only cost $10 bucks now!!!!! ($15 at the gate) Click here to get your tickets...
“Bad Lip Reading” is Back Again- NFL [VIDEO]
Bad Lip Reading is BACK!  Once again, they have fun with the NFL
If you are not familiar with Bad Lip Reading, what they do is very simple.
The producers for the "Bad Lip Reading" dub their own voices over NFL clips, movie clips, and presidential clips...
Tell Us What You Think!
Apple had one of their big press events earlier today in California where they announced their new iPhone 6 AND their new iphone 6 Plus.
The iPhone 6 will start at $199 with a two-year contract, while the iPhone 6 Plus will start at $299...
Win NJ Devils Tickets All Week Long
The New Jersey Devils home opener for the 2014-2015 Hockey Season is Saturday October 18th versus the San Jose Sharks .
Listen to Andy Chase all week long to win your FREE tickets!!!!

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