Andy Chase

Time Lapse Video Transforming Yankee Stadium to Hockey [VIDEO]
Tonight is the final game at Yankee Stadium for the NHL Stadium Series as the NY Rangers takes on the Islanders.
The Rangers played at Yankee Stadium this past Sunday as they Beat the New Jersey Devils 7-3
Check out this video of the transformation of Yankee Stadium and Dodger Stadium from baseball to…
“Bad Lip Reading” is Back! [VIDEO]
"Bad Lip Reading" is one of the funniest things on YouTube.
What they do is very simple. The producers for the "Bad Lip Reading" dub their own voices over NFL clips, movie clips, and presidential clips. They change around what the clip is actual saying...
Some Super Bowl Questions For You [POLL]
Super Bowl XLVIII is a little over a week away! The Denver Broncos will be facing the Seattle Seahawks.
When it was first announced that the Super Bowl will be held at Metlife Stadium everyone was SO excited. As time went on it has seemed that people who live in New Jersey and New York really don&apo…

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