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Check Out This Interactive Map of Pot Holes in New Jersey
This winter has wreaked havoc on our roads. With all the salt that has been used to get rid of the snow and ice, along comes the potholes. And there are a lot of them. It seems as Mappler is here to help
Check out this map of where some of the worst potholes are in your area
AC/DC Thunderstruck Performed by Bag Piper [VIDEO]
This is almost a year old, this guy calls himself the "BadPiper". Check him out playing Thunderstruck with his bagpipes performing for a crowd . Notice the fire shooting out of the bag pipes as well
Here's another video of the "BadPiper" performing on the TV show Australia's Got T…
Seasonal Liquor Licenses Extended For The Summer
In a move to boost the tourism industry affected by Hurricane Sandy, Gov Christie announced today that he is moving the start of seasonal liquor licenses from May 1st to March 1, 2014.

Shore bars and clubs with seasonal licenses can now start serving alcohol two months earlier than normal.
A Beautiful Day on the Jersey Shore [PICS]
We all know how crappy this winter has been, so it is awesome when we get a day like this in February. We have to enjoy it while we can, cause we know the cold temps will be returning next week
I got the chance to go to the boardwalk today and walk around for a bit...
Kate Upton Zero Gravity [VIDEO]
I've always wanted to go on one of those "Zero Gravity" planes.
The plane flies at about 32,000 feet and performs maneuvers that lets you float weightless around the empty airplane for approx 30 seconds at a time. It simulates being in space.
Well now there is another reason why…
Win Monmouth Basketball Tickets All Week On The Hawk
Listen to Andy Chase all week between 3 and 8 p.m. to win a four-pack of tickets to catch the Monmouth Hawks take on St. Peters College at 7 p.m. at the MAC on February 22nd.
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Monmouth Alum, Miles Austin # 80 jersey will be retired at halftime.
Dad Laughing at Kids Slipping on Ice [VIDEO]
Admit it. When people fall it's funny.....Always funny. Well as long as no one is seriously hurt. Actually then it's kind of funny too. (I'm kidding relax)
This dad couldn't get enough of the hijinks. His daughter seemed to enjoy it once she joined the fun...
Condition 1 Weather in Antartica [VIDEO]
It's been a crazy winter. One of the coldest and snowiest we have had in a long time.
But in reality, it pales in comparison to the weather in Antarctica that scientists have to deal with.
This is called "Condition 1". All I know is that you are not allowed outside during &q…
The Hawk Massive Wedding is TWO Weeks Away!
And it is Valentine's Day weekend. See what I'm getting it?
Come on guys! Your lady is always looking for you to be romantic right? How about you renew your vows at the Hawk Massive Wedding on Friday February 28th at the River Rock and Marina Bar in Brick. How about you get married for the …

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