Andy Chase

3rd Annual Hawk Massive Wedding is Tonight!!
The big day has arrived!!
The nervous brides, grooms, DJ, photographer, and the River Rock are putting on the final touches for the 3rd Annual Massive Wedding happening tonight at the River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar in Brick.
Hot Wings, Zane, Barabara LaRue, Varacchi, The Lovely Christina, …
Another Great Wedding Video- Awesome Mother/Groom Dance
The Hawk Massive wedding was Friday, Feb. 28 at River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar in Brick.
Keeping with the theme for the Hawk Massive Wedding, here is another great video of a mother and her son getting a little creative for their dance together at his wedding.
Hawk Massive Wedding is Tomorrow [FUNNY VIDEO]
You can still be part of the Hawk's Massive Wedding if you want to renew your vows. Don't think it will be easy to get a marriage license in less than 24 hours (but maybe you can)
So If you want to attend tomorrow as a marrying couple, or you want to come as a guest to check out the proceedings, get …
Sexy Girls and Their Hula Hoops [VIDEO]
We're now all REALLY sick of winter. Polar Vortex is returning. It's gonna get stupid cold again, and more nasty weather will be here in a few days.
The Polar Bear plunge this past weekend only gave us a tease of girls in bikini's, and it's going to be a while until we see them ag…
Hennessey Venom GT Sets Record at 270 MPH [VIDEO]
This is unbelievable! Check out the acceleration on this car. The Venom GT set the record in the category of "Fastest 2 seat sports car". Record was set at the Kennedy Space Center on the Space Shuttle landing runway.
The actual speed the car topped out at was 270...

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