Andy Chase

Billy Joel Messes Up Lyrics Live on Stage [VIDEO]
**F-Bomb Warning**
During a performance on March 9th in Toronto, Billy Joel got the lyrics wrong to "We didn't Start the Fire". He stopped the entire performance and said "Wait a minute, That ain't right. All you gotta do is fuck up one word in that song and it&ap…
March 14th – Happy Steak and BJ Day! [VIDEO]
It's true!!! Guys, it's our holiday. It's the man's answer to Valentine's Day.
It's exactly one month after V-Day. Women get their flowers, chocolate, jewelery, dinner at Red Lobster, etc on their day. Guys, we don't need all that right...
Andy Chase Video Live From The Hawk Studios
Everyone loves You Tube videos. Our digital team has asked us to post more videos to see what goes on behind the scenes here at the Hawk. I think I might need some work, but here's my first attempt! Comments welcomed!

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