Watch What Happens When You “Face-Swap” with a Mannequin
Snapchat is a free photo sharing app for your smartphone that lets you send pictures and videos to your friends, but the picture/video can only be viewed for 10 seconds. You can also tell video "stories" to your friends but once again, for 10 seconds at a time.
They have some pretty…
Download The New And Improved Free Beer & Hot Wings App!
For months (maybe years!), you've been asking us for a new mobile app.  Well good news!  After a few months of development, we're proud to present our new OFFICIAL app from Airkast, available for both iOS and Android devices!  Listen to us at work, home or on the road.
The Best Apps for Amateur Ghost Hunters
As Halloween creeps ever closer, thrill seekers and amateur ghost hunters will start to snoop around to scare each other and try to find evidence of "the other side". If you fall into either of those groups, here are some suggestions to get you started on the cheap.
It’s Arrived and It’s Big!
I'm talking about a CELL PHONE! Get your mind out of the gutter.
It's like Christmas  (or Chanukah) in July!
My brand new cell phone has arrived today, and after much debate, I settled on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android).
IPhone Vs. Droid? Help! What Do I Buy?
I am faced with a huge dilemma. I am eligible for a new phone. I am stuck with a tough choice. Android or get an iphone?
I currently have an Android. It's the Motorola Droid 2.
Now I have to be honest, that in the 2 years that I have had this phone, NOT once have I had to go to Verizon because I was h…