Comfy Seats Coming to Brick Movie Theater!!
If you have ever gone up to the AMC movie theater at the Monmouth Mall, you know how amazing it is to see a movie there.
You reserve your seats in advance. Your view is rarely obstructed. The seats are soft leather, just press a button, AND THEY RECLINE!
Hot Zombie Girls [VIDEO]
So this Sunday night is the season finale of The Walking Dead on AMC at 9pm. It's a special 90 minute episode
It's one of The Lovely Christina's favorite shows and she is bummed this Sunday is the last one for a while.
Changing The Way I Go To The Movies
Despite the fact that I write a weekly feature about movies, I hate going to the theater. I don't generally like crowds, the food isn't great, the seats aren't usually comfortable, I hate when people make noise during movies, somebody in there just called me a jerk, our pets' hea…