The Aztec Bar in Seaside Heights Has a New Name
I was walking on the boardwalk today in Seaside Heights, and I noticed that the Aztec Bar has changed its name to the Aztec Ale House.
I did not know that this has happened. The bar was not open when I was up on the boardwalk today so I couldn't really see if anything on the inside has changed, …
The Drunkest Town in New Jersey Is….
NOT in Ocean County! You're a bit disappointed aren't you? Believe it or not, Ocean County did not even crack the Top 10.

There is a tie actually for the drunkest town in New Jersey between
Surprising Uses for Vodka
It's almost the weekend and most of us could probably use a cocktail after a long week of work.  Vodka has some other surprising uses.
It can be used as Aftershave.  All I can say is OUCH!
It can also be used to ease tooth pain! Just soak a cotton ball in Vodka then place on the sore to…

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