A To Z Anthology

2015 A to Z Anthology-Tale Of The Tape
It took two weeks and over 1400 songs, but today we wrapped up 105.7 The Hawk's "A to Z Anthology". We started with The Beatles "A Day in the Life", and we ended it with David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust".

In between, was just an amazing catalog of classic rock with Zep…
A to Z Anthology – D – “Devil Inside” [VIDEO]
Having so much fun playing the Hawk Library alphabetically during the A to Z Anthology. It's a lot of fun to hear songs that you don't get a chance to hear that often.

We are currently in the middle of the letter "D", and I had a chance to play INXS "Devil Inside" off …
The Hawk’s A to Z Anthology Returns!!!
The Hawk’s “A to Z Anthology” is back!!! It's on the air RIGHT NOW!!!! (airs mon-fri 10a-12a)
Listen as we dig deep and play the Hawk Library ALPHABETICALLY (by song title), which will feature one-hit wonders, Rock Anthems, B-Sides, and many surprises...
A To Z Anthology Fun Facts & Video- Dio- Holy Diver
What an amazing singer Ronnie James Dio was. Standing only 5'4, was incredible the range his voice had.  We definitely lost a great one too soon to Cancer. Here's some music facts and the Holy Diver video......Enjoy!

Dio is Ronnie James Dio, the replacement vocalist for Ozzy Osbourne i…
A To Z Anthology Fun Facts & Video- Jimmy Buffet- Fins
"Parrot Heads", This one is for you today! Fins to the left!!!!

Buffett: "I was in a bar up near Daytona Beach and saw a group of guys crowded around some girls who were obviously in town for a beauty contest of some sort. I sat back and listened to their conversati…
A To Z Anthology Fun Facts & Video- Kinks- Come Dancing
As the A to Z Anthology rolls on, here's another music nugget to enjoy:

Ray Davies wrote this nostalgic song about his older sister Gwen. It describes how guys would take her out dancing, only to be frustrated at the end of the night when all they would get for their efforts (and money) was a …
A To Z Anthology Fun Fact & Video- The Who- Athena
Just kicked off 105.7 The Hawk's A to Z Anthology this morning with Barbara LaRue.  As we go down our Classic Rock journey, we'll take a look at some interesting "Fun Facts" about some of the songs you'll hear during the anthology.
The Who- Athena
Here's a music nugget for you:
In a February,…