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Keith Richards on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]
Keith Richards was on the Tonight Show the other night promoting a children's book that he has written called "Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar,"
Here's a few clips if you missed it
Richards talks to Jimmy about writing his first song:
Richards talks about being punc…
“Bad Lip Reading” is Back Again- NFL [VIDEO]
Bad Lip Reading is BACK!  Once again, they have fun with the NFL
If you are not familiar with Bad Lip Reading, what they do is very simple.
The producers for the "Bad Lip Reading" dub their own voices over NFL clips, movie clips, and presidential clips...
Vintage TV Commercials with NFL Stars [VIDEO]
Football is back!!!
Check out this vintage TV Commercial Compilation from former NFL players "pitching" razors, soup, soda, deodorant, etc... like Mean Joe Greene, Joe Montana, Bo Jackson, Brian Bosworth, and even OJ Simpson.
Don't forget...
Jaw-Dropping Sexy Selfies [PHOTOS]
I have never heard of the website PBH2.com, but I am so glad I discovered it today.
They are featuring 101 sexy selfies, and I agree with EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!!
Just keep hitting the "next" button, and you can thank me at a later time...
Onstage Tirades by Some of the Biggest Rock Bands [VIDEO] [NSFW]
Caught on camera are some of the biggest tirades and rants by Paul Stanley, Axl Rose, Eddie Vedder, Courtney Love, and more during their concerts. Wow wow wow...Such language!!!!
You might want to make sure the kiddies are out of the room when playing this video, or make sure earmuffs are handy...
Help Toms River Woman Find Stolen Puppy
This past weekend I was introduced to Danielle DiGiovanni.  She is a Toms River resident who is desperately trying to find her dog
About a month ago, her 2-year-old pitbull named "Jeter", got out of the backyard, and about three houses down was found by neighborhood kids.
A mature couple in …
Little Girl Ice Bucket Challenge- Hysterical!! [VIDEO] [NSFW]
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is starting to wind down, but this video just surfaced today, and it's one of my favorites
The little British girl taking the challenge is either 3 or 4 years old. It is hard to understand what she is saying (due to her heavy British accent) before the ice water is p…
Volunteers Needed For the Insane Inflatable 5K Race
Townsquare Media and Community Medical Center are bringing The Insane Inflatable 5k race to Seaside Park on Saturday, September 6th.
Even though registration spots are just about sold out, there are still lots of ways to get in on the action. Go to www.usahometownheroes.org now to sign up to voluntee…
How the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Craze All Started [VIDEO]
Pete Frates is the inspiration behind the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" craze. He was diagnosed with ALS back in 2011. Shortly thereafter, people started doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for different charities.
Pete wanted to do the challenge, but couldn't because of what ALS was already doing …

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