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Send A Holiday Card To Our Troops This Season
The holidays are fast approaching. You are probably getting the house ready. Finalizing your travel plans. Ready to spend the holidays with your friends,  family, and loved ones.
But once again, there will be hundreds of thousands of military personal not able to go home and celebrate with THEIR…
Golfer Hits Himself In the Nuts [VIDEO]
Golf Legend Chi Chi Rodriguez was a guest on a reality show for the Golf Channel. He was attempting to break a piece of glass with a golf shot.
Needless to say he missed the shot, but what happens next sucks and is on video. So here ya go...
Two Videos, Two Incredibly Stupid People
Some people are just idiots. They are the ones that ruin it for EVERYONE else. Case in point.....these two videos.
In the first video taken at the Bills/Jets game yesterday, look in the upper left corner and you will see a guy attempting to slide down the railing. The word "stupid" …
Unbelievable Split Performed by Jean-Claude Van Damme [VIDEO]
This is the video everyone is talking about today. Jean-Claude Van Damme starring in a Volvo Commercial to show how precise their steering is (or something like that).

The debate is raging on whether this is real or fake. His people say it's absolutely real.

You be the judge. Watch and enjoy.
Throwback Thursday – Hawk Honey Search [PHOTOS]
Let's go back to the Summer of 2009 when he went on the search for the "Hawk Honeys". We looked up and down the Jersey Shore for beautiful women to represent the radio station.
The goal was to pick just one, but of course, we couldn't decide.

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