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Remembering Martin Luther King [VIDEOS]
Today we celebrate and remember the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, and everything that he stood for regarding civil rights, equality, and peace.
We all have heard the "I have a Dream" and "I have been to the mountaintop" Speech, but have you actually he…
Billy Joel 2014 Tour Dates
Of course you know by now that Billy Joel has taken on a residency at Madison Square Garden in New York City by playing a concert there once a month for the foreseeable future.
Joel will be playing the Garden on 2/3, 3/21, 4/18, 5/9, 6/21, 7/2, 8/7, & 9/17
Billy Joel has also announced dates f…
Remembering the CD/Record Clubs
We were going through Rolling Stone and Spin Magazines from the late 80's/early 90's in the studio today checking out what bands were featured, and all the advertisements for cars, cigarettes, and stereo equipment in each issue.
But what really stood out was all the ads for the record clubs…
Lady Has Glow in the Dark Breasts [VIDEO]
Well they're not really glow in the dark, but when you shut the lights of and you press a flashlight against her boobs, the implant glows like the sun. They light up like a jack-o-lantern. I like to call it a "Boob-o-Lantern".
Her name is Lacey Wildd and she is featured on TLC&…
iPhone Introduced to the World Seven Years Ago Today
It was seven years ago today when Apple CEO Steve Jobs changed the technology world forever, and pretty much the way we now live our lives.
Most people had an IPod AND a cell phone, but Steve Jobs had a vision that people would need just ONE device for all of our needs...
Throwback Thursday – 2009 – Boss of the Sauce [PHOTOS]
Let's take a trip back in time to April '09 for Boss of the Sauce. It was our first year (and last) at the Pine Belt Arena (was called Ritacco Center back in 2009) in Toms River.
Boss of the Sauce turned into such a HUGE event,  that the Woodlake Country Club ,and the Holiday Inn in Toms River couldn…
Peeing Outside in -17 Degrees Below Zero Temperatures [VIDEO]
With the Polar Vortex gripping the nation, people have been posting their own video of how cold it has been where they live.
They guys from Minnesota wanted to see what happens when you relieve yourself outside with frigid temperatures below zero, and wind chills making it feel like -50 F
Enjoy, and p…
Polar Vortex Fun- Freezing Andy Chase’s Clothes [PHOTOS]
So I was watching the news last night, and the reporters on the street kept on showing what a frozen t-shirt looked like. I thought it was quite boring, so i decided to take it to the next level. I even got "Crotch Teddy" involved! For a quiet Tuesday night, it was a tremendous amo…

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