First of all, let me say that many people are lying.

By many people, I mean men.

But first, let me tell you that I wasn't surprised that a survey revealed that the most popular online videos were comedies.

The Washington Post online reports that 57 percent of adults say they watch comedy videos and 50 percent say they watch educational shows.

This I believe.

However, the survey also revealed something that no one believes, at least not the first part.

Just 12 percent of online adults said they watched "adult" videos (with a pretty big gender gap of 25 percent of male respondents vs. 8 percent of female respondents reporting they're watching porn).

Here's how the numbers worked out:

Comedy/Humor- 58%
How-to – 56%
Educational – 50%
Music – 50%
News – 45%
Animation/Cartoon – 28%
Political – 27%
Sports – 27%
Commercial/Ads – 15%
Adult Entertainment – 12%

The day I believe that more people are watching commercials than porn is the day I have myself checked for dementia. :-D