Security measures are being put in place for this year's Super Bowl at Metlife Stadium Sunday, and they are extensive.

In fact, according to, this will be the the biggest and most-expensive security net in the 48-year history of the game.

Over 700 police officers, more than 3,000 security guards and hundreds of high-tech gadgets will be employed to protect the over 80,000 football fans expected at the game on Sunday.

Similar armies of human and technological watchdogs will keep eyes and lenses trained on the tens of thousands of other people who will descend on the city to enjoy other festivities associated with America's top sports event...

Ed Hartnett, the former head of the New York Police Department's Intelligence Unit, says that there isn't intelligence indicating terrorists have targeted the game or related events, but that doesn't mean threats don't exist:

I would list them in priority order being a suicide bomber, a vehicle laden with explosives and a mass shooter or mass shooters similar to the Kenyan mall, or the Mumbai incidents... 

There will be one noticeable difference for fans, according to, which represents a change for this NFL season: because of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, if an attendee wants to bring a bag bigger than 4 1/2 by 6 1/2 inches, it must be clear plastic.