Fleetwood Mac is poised for their upcoming tour this spring, and Stevie Nicks is saying this one will be better than previous ones.

It's hard to imagine Fleetwood Mac without their legendary chemistry, but nonetheless, according to an article in ultimateclassicrock.com, in a new interview Stevie Nicks admitted that the band has been known to phone it in, to simply go through the motions; but they now have a renewed sense of purpose towards the audience and each other.

“I’m thinking that this is going to be a very different tour,” she told the Guardian. “The audience is going to see a very different Fleetwood Mac up there – we talked about how we really need to appreciate what we have and who we are and how far we’ve come.”

It all stems from the complicated relationship between Stevie and Lindsey Buckingham, which has a well-known history and which has finally been somewhat laid to rest.

Stevie explains it:

“I think we’ve got to a place now where we’re both: ‘Why not? Why can’t we be those two people on stage?’” she continued. “It doesn’t carry on after you walk down the stairs and go back to your hotels and rooms, it’s never going to carry past that. But what it does do is allow you to walk up on stage and be dramatic with each other. And we have walked up on stage and been absolutely the other side of dramatic – we have been like waiting-for-a-bus undramatic…Because that’s what happens in bands if you’re not happy. This is not going to be that tour.”

Stevie also has revealed just how much she misses Christine McVie in an article on stereoboard.com:

“We all did everything we could do to try and talk her out of it. But you look in someone's eyes and you can tell they're finished. As Taylor Swift would say: 'We are never ever getting back together ever!' That's what Chris was saying…But I'd beg, borrow and scrape together $5m and give it to her in cash if she would come back. That's how much I miss her.”

But the show must go on, and the band has already lined up dates for the first leg of the tour in the U.S. with more dates to follow in Europe and Australia.

In our area they'll hit the Wells Fargo Center in Philly on April 6th, Madison Square Garden on April 8th, and The Prudential Center on April 24th.

By the way, also according to ultimateclassicrock.com:

"2012 makes 35 years since Fleetwood Mac released ‘Rumours,’ and the band plans to celebrate by re-releasing the album as part of box sets that comes loaded with unreleased live tracks and session recordings. Both expanded and deluxe editions of ‘Rumours’ go on sale Jan. 29."