Steven Tyler told Dr. Oz that the real drug dealers are doctors. reports that Steven Tyler made an appearance on the Dr. Oz show on September 10th and didn't hold back what he really thought about doctors and drugs.

Y’know who the new dealers are?” Tyler asked. “They’re doctors. The dealers aren’t on the street. It’s not a shady guy on the street.

Y’know how many doctors I’ve gone to and said, ‘I’m in a 12-step program, I’ve been sober for … ‘ He goes, ‘Ah, good for you!’ On the way out he says, ‘You need something to sleep tonight?’”

But Steven does apparently respect at least one doctor: his own.

He was on Dr. Oz to promote Betty Ford physician Dr. Harry Haroutunian's book, "Being Sober", which features a forward by Tyler.

So put down that phone to your dealer, I mean, doctor, and get a free sample of the book or buy it at the iTunes store.