Fans have longed to hear Steve's voice again, since no new music has been issued from Perry since 1998, and there is actually hope that it will (eventually) happen.  Back to that in a second.

First, happy early birthday wishes to Steve, who's set to celebrate his 63rd birthday on Sunday, born on January 22, 1949, in Hanford, California.

Steve Perry's fantastic voice, of course, will forever be synonymous with Journey and with '80's arena rock. I think  Arnel Pineda does a great job in his place, but some would say there is simply no replacement for the original.

For those aching to hear some new music from Perry, here's a little hopeful news.  In an article on, Perry says he's finishing up a studio in his home in southern California, and since he's written down some ideas, he plans on "trying to track these things and see where they go".  However, there's no actual timetable for any new songs at this point.

He also says he'd love to play live, but at his age and with one hip already replaced, it's not likely he'll hit the road again, at least as of this writing.

Are you a Perry fan dying to hear more music from him?  What do you think of Journey without him?  Your comments below are always welcome!