As much as I love Arnel Pineda, who I think does an amazing job of fronting Journey, I have to admit, I've always felt sad that Steve Perry left the band, and  particularly because  he left on bad terms with his bandmates.  Still, even Rock Gods are subject to fits of humanness on occasion (sometimes even more often than the rest of us), and simply can't or won't rise above the petty stuff.  The story is that the split happened when Steve had to have hip surgery and the band was pressuring him to do that right away when he wasn't ready, so he left.

According to, Steve is now at peace with the band continuing on without him and performing his songs.  But he's sad to think his former bandmates have probably never heard a song he wrote as a tribute to them on his last solo album.  A  few of the lyrics from "Anyway", from For the Love of Strange Medicine:  "We believed in music, brothers till the end/Nothing stood between us, a fire burned within/Oh how I remember, wounded but alive/Lost in our insanity, escaping to survive".

Perry may be at peace with the past, but he has crushed any hopes for a Journey reunion: "We have severely, emotionally gone our separate ways."

Now he's close to recording his first new material in 13 years--including a Beatles tune he isn't revealing yet.  Is it "Let it Be"?  "Getting Better"?  How about "Free as a Bird"?  We don't know yet, but I think we can rule out "Come Together".