New Jersey beaches were very busy with visitors trying to catch some relief from the heat. Seaside Heights Police Chief Tom Boyd says visitors have been very well behaved all weekend long.

Boyd says they’ve stepped up its presence of Special Police Officers. “We had twenty recruits graduate Friday at 10:30 in the morning and by ten o’ clock at night they were all on the job.” He says the additional police presence absolutely deterred trouble in his beach community.

He says they had an enormous police presence through the entire holiday weekend. “it’s a funny thing, bad people don’t like to stand around police officers, so the more police you have the less problems you’ll have.”


Point Pleasant Beach officials also stepped up their beach patrols for the summer and will soon be enforcing ovrenight parking restrictions in neighborhoods near the beach and boardwalk. Observers say police were everywhere with police dogs on the boardwalk.

Boyd says two officers in full uniform jumped into the ocean Sunday night to rescue a distressed swimmer near the pier.

He says Seaside Heights lifegaurds are on duty until 6p.m. He advises visitors to only swim when life guards are on duty.